Come and try our Bouldering wall which is a fun activity for all the family.

AIREA51 Bouldering Wall Rules
Bouldering is climbing without ropes. If you fall you will hit the floor  The soft mat does not make bouldering safe. It is designed for accidental falls. Broken and sprained limbs are common in use of this type of climbing wall despite the soft landing. Uncontrolled falls are likely to result in injuries to yourself or others

· Standard Park Rules apply
· Climbers must be over 5+ years old to use this activity
· Maximum weight restriction is 120Kg
· No more than 4 active users at any one time active users at any one time
· Climb only within your capabilities. Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level
· Do not climb too high until you are confident enough to do so
· Descend either by down-climbing or a controlled jump
· Always land with both feet at the same time- Never land with just one foot
· Always remain in control – Be aware of how to bend your knees to control your landing
· Maintain 3 points of contact with the wall at all times
· Respect the space of other climbers. Only climb when there is a safe distance between you and the next climber
· Look out for other participants and give way to smaller ones
· Climbers doing vertical problems have priority
· Do not climb directly above or below another climber
· Do not attempt to catch anyone who may fall
· Do not sit or stand under the wall at any time
· Only those participating are allowed in the bouldering area
· Anyone waiting or assisting participants should do so off the crash matted area
· Grip socks must be worn at all times whilst using the equipment
· We recommend that climbers wear long sleeves and trousers
· Long hair should be tied back
· Report loose holds or damaged equipment to a member of staff immediately
· Only authorised staff are permitted to set routes
· If you are unwell you should not use the equipment
· Do not use the equipment if wearing any form of plaster cast