Here at AIREA51 we are keen to work with the local community and children/adult with needs, we have dedicated sessions throughout the week to allow all children the opportunity to come and have a bounce at AIREA51, our sessions are on Monday 11-12pm, Wednesday 14.00-15.00 (this is a mixed session to integrate children, the lights will be off, however the music will be on but very low)  Thursday mixed after school bounce & eat SEN special 16.00-18.00 and Sunday 10-11am. In order to give children/adults the best experience we turn off all the lights and lower the music, our specially trained staff with experience looking after children/adults with needs ensure they have a memorable time at AIREA51.

Once you have watched your first safety briefing you will receive your own SEN card to show on future visits, so there’s no need to watch the safety briefing video again. ( A Disclaimer will be required to be signed by the carer acknowledging they have requested this and can confirm the child/adult understands and has seen the safety video)

We allow 1 carer to go free along with the SEN child/adult if you wish to add on another carer or sibling it is £5 they will be allowed to bounce or care for the child/adult.

(On the after school Bounce & Eat additional siblings will be required to pay full price £10 to participate in this package)

AFTER SCHOOL BOUNCE & EAT – is a very popular package we hold daily for school children and want to offer this out to children with needs, this is an amazing deal we offer which includes 2 hours of bouncing and we provide food and drink ( sandwich, crisps, and squash) The SEN mixed session is great to come with friends & family as it’s quieter than the other after-school sessions – the music is turned down & the disco lights off.  BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT !!


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