Bounce upto 3hrs every Tuesday – Friday between 10-11am from £5.50 (Term time only)

10-11 am is solely for under 5s however you get to bounce until 1pm if you want to stay on after the first hour, this will be open to the public between 11-1pm

Come visit with your pre schooler between 10am – 11am Tuesday to Friday or Saturday 10-11 am and let your little aliens run free and express themselves in the many activities at AIREA51, let them jump in to the foam pits, climb the walls or even tumble on our professional gymnast mat, play games with the Marshals.

This is a great way for them to socialize and develop their bounce skills and another way for the parents to keep fit and have fun at the same time.

Our weekday 11am pre school activities are £4 a session or do our Tiny Twister bundle of a Tiny Twister baby trampoline bounce, pre school activity + tea or coffee, toast for both and squash for the little one for just £8.50

TUESDAY – Dinky Disco Dancers
WEDNESDAY – Mini-flicksters preschool.
THURSDAY – Budding Ballerinas
FRIDAY – Open Arts – art and craft freeplay

Safety briefs for these sessions start at 9.55am & are every 30mins  (5mins to & 25mins past each hour)

Prices are subject to change

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