Frequently asked questions

Setting up a Membership at AIREA51

What is the minimum contract period? 3 continuous months is the minimum of payments.

Can I buy the membership for someone else? Yes, fill in the form with their details.

Can I get a family membership?  No, Memberships are for one named person only.  You need to buy a seperate membership for each family member.

Is there a SEN membership?  Not at the moment.

How do you book with the membership? When purchasing the memberships you will be given a code, enter this at the last point of payment under the box ‘Use membership’.


Membership Club payment process

Is it direct debits payments?  No, the payments are automatically taken each month from the original card used to pay for the membership.

Is the Membership payments automatic or will they have to be processed manually?  Payments will automatically be taken monthly on the original start date of the membership. You can select a different start date when you join.

Frequency of Membership use

Can I come everyday?  Yes, You are allowed to book one session per day under the membership.

What is an ‘off peak term-time’?  An ‘off peak term time’ is anytime before 3pm.


Cancellations regarding Memberships

How do you cancel a membership?   Please email and we will process the cancellation. 

How do you cancel a session that can no longer be attended to avoid the extra charge?  Please email or call on 01952 947220.

Is there a specific time frame in which you have to cancel a bounce session that can no longer be attended?   24hrs before session time

Upgrading Memberships

What happens if a child turns 5 years old but has a Toddler membership, does it automatically upgrade to a Bronze membership?   No, Please call us if you would like to upgrade or cancel your membership.

How do I upgrade my standard booking to a membership? 1hr open jump tickets can be upgraded at AIREA51 reception.


Failed payments process

ROLLER will attempt to take a payment, if payment fails customers will be E-mailed about failed transactions.

  • 1st failed payment =Email will be sent to notify the customer of the failed transaction and attempt a retry, Customer have 2 days to make payment.

Membership status = Current (NO EXTRA CHARGE)

  • 2nd failed payment =No payment made after 2 days, second email will be sent.

Membership status = Suspended until payment is made

  • 3rd failed payment =Emails will be sent on the 2nd and 16th of the next month.

Membership status = Suspended until payment is made