The lockdown has meant that many kids are stuck indoors, and not getting the chance to run around and get the regular physical activity they need to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, control weight, and reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions.

Kids between the ages of 6 and 17 should be getting at least an hour of heart-pumping, aerobic exercise every day, in addition to an hour of bone-strengthening and muscle-strengthening exercises three times a week.

So, how do you get kids to enjoy exercise? We have some exercises for kids to do at home that get that heart rate up, strengthen little bodies and bones, and – most importantly – are fun to do.


Chasing each other around is one of the best exercises kids can do. Running is particularly healthy for kids since it helps them build strong bones while strengthening their muscles, as well as being fun!


Not only does skipping increase heart rate, work out the total body, and improve core strength, it’s an unexpected workout for little minds as well. It engages both the left and right brain, leading to improved functioning while improving balance and coordination.

Crab walk

Have your kids sit with their feet in front and hands behind, then lift their hips off the ground so they’re walking like a crab. It’s funny and silly, while also developing core and arm strength.

Bear crawl

If they don’t like walking like a crab, flip it over and have them walk like a bear – have them crawl on their hands and feet, with their knees not touching the ground. Parents can also sneak these in whenever they can. Rather than walking to the bathroom for bathtime, why not bear crawl?

Frankenstein walk/cross-lateral movement

Cross-lateral movements improve brain function, focus, and coordination. The ‘Frankenstein Walk’ asks kids to put their hands straight out like Frankenstein’s monster (or a zombie), then bring one leg out straight so it’s almost parallel with the ground. The object is to touch the toe with the opposite hand. Growling like a monster is optional.

Hopefully, it will keep your kids exercised and happy until they can come and enjoy themselves at Shrewsbury’s trampoline centre!