For some of us, hitting the gym doesn’t feel like fun, it’s actually a big chore. And that’s if we even make it to the gym rather than just lazing around at home. So any fitness class that brings a bit of fun to the process will go down well.

The Metro recently highlighted rebounding, an exercise class on trampolines, as a great way to burn some calories and tone up.

According to the newspaper, a trampoline-based workout will get every muscle in your body firing and is great for your core strength and balance. Leigh Cronin, 53 and an arthritis sufferer, said that after her first trampoline exercise class she was hooked.

“I came along to the class and for the first time in my life, I felt like I loved exercise,” she told the news provider. She also explained that it’s had a significant positive effect on her overall health and wellbeing, strengthening her legs and giving her more energy.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, go along to a trampoline fitness class to try it for yourself. But the Metro explained that it’s good for your anaerobic fitness, improves your endurance, improves your core strength and helps with your balance too.

One of the hardest parts of developing a fitness regime for many people is consistently exercising. Speaking to the Metro earlier this month, Joshua Pearson, a fitness expert at, said that the most important step in creating a consistent exercise regime is finding something you enjoy doing.

His top tip is to find a form of exercise that you find fun. Sounds like trampolining could just fit the bill.

Even though it’s February, we hope that you haven’t given up on all your new year’s resolutions and are still carrying on with whatever decisions you made at the end of last year.

If weight loss and getting in shape is what you’ve decided to prioritise for 2019, then you might want to consider popping off for a trampoline fitness class, as not only can you achieve your weight loss goals but you can have an awful lot of fun in the process!

Have a read of this article on the Daily Mail website, telling the tale of 23-year-old junk food addict Jordan Martinez from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire who lost an incredible 13 stone after joining Slimming World and taking up trampolining.

Mr Martinez was told by doctors that he wouldn’t live to see 30 after his weight climbed to 25 stone. The stark warning was enough to inspire him to make some serious lifestyle changes – which appears to have been necessary, since his old diet included McDonald’s Big Mac meals for lunch, followed by 15” donner meat pizzas and ice cream for supper, followed by Chinese takeaway food later at night.

So successful has Mr Martinez been at losing weight, he’s now left his job in a call centre to become a personal trainer… so as you can see, trampolining really can work wonders!

Here at Airea 51, we offer Smash HIIT classes that combine aerobic dance, toning and bounce HIIT to make exercise a whole lot more fun. All you have to do is show up and our resident instructor will show you what to do.