A trampoline can offer the perfect platform for an endless supply of high-energy and incredibly fun trampoline games. With a little imagination, there are many trampoline games to play. We’ve picked a few fun trampoline games to provide hours of entertainment while motivating kids to get outdoors and stay active, and perfect for getting them away from the smartphones!

Bouncing Air Catch

A ball-based game, ‘Bouncing Air Catch’ is perfect for parents who want to get involved in some outdoor entertainment with the kids. Ensure you make sure everyone stays safe, so bouncing high won’t cause potential injuries. A tennis ball is the ideal size for use in this trampoline game, and it’s best played with 2 players.

How to Play:

    •       Position one player in the centre of the trampoline, with the other player on the outside.

    •       The player on the outside starts with the ball, throwing it as high as they can above the trampoline.

    •       The player on the inside of the trampoline must then time their bounce and try to catch the ball while they’re in the air.

    •       Each ball they successfully catch while airborne is worth a point. Whoever achieves the most airborne catches out of 10 throws, wins!

Piggy in the Middle

The name gives it away, but this classic game is given a fresh twist thanks to a bouncy trampoline surface! We recommend using a small-to-medium soft ball for this trampoline game, and it’s an ideal game for three players.

How to Play:

    •       Position one player on the trampoline — in the middle of the mat — with the two others on the outside of the trampoline. The player in the middle is the ‘Piggy’.

    •       The Piggy must bounce while the two outside players begin throwing the ball over the trampoline to one another, with the Piggy attempting to catch it.

    •       The two outside players can slowly move their way around the outskirts of the trampoline to try and confuse the Piggy, but they must always throw it over the trampoline.

    •       Once the Piggy catches the ball, the person who threw the losing ball is the new Piggy.

If you’re looking for fun activities for the kids, come and visit the Shrewsbury trampoline centre!

For most of us, the wonderful world of trampolining will always be something that we do as a fun birthday activity or perhaps a way of keeping more fit and active as we get older. But for others who really can’t get enough of spending time at their local Shrewsbury trampoline centre, it becomes something more than an enjoyable pastime… it becomes a career option.

Did you know that trampolining was an Olympic sport? Well, it is – and it’s absolutely incredible to watch. Like any other sport, however, it takes a serious amount of determination and commitment to get to the very top… and if that sounds like you, then it’s entirely possible that you could see yourself at the Olympics in the future.

But where on earth do you begin with your new career aspirations? First of all, head off to your local trampoline park and see what bouncing skills you have. Definitely don’t try to run before you can walk – you need to begin with the most basic of bounces and the simpler techniques before you can attempt the harder stuff.

Before you move onto something more difficult, make sure you have the basics down flawlessly as these will form the foundations for your skill as a trampolinist.

Also make sure, as much fun as bouncing about is, that you’re engaging in a varied workout and training routine, including both weights and cardio with a specific emphasis on your core strength, thighs and calves. Strengthening your dynamic core will also prove useful, so try and do exercises that focus on this as well.

Don’t neglect your diet, either. You won’t bounce very high or very far if you have a diet that consists primarily of processed food that is high in sugar. It’s all about devising a diet that hits all the major food groups and makes sure you’re getting all the protein and nutrients you need in order to help you build strength – and maintain it.

You might find it useful to download an app like My Fitness Pal so you can set up a food diary and see what you’re eating each day – and how healthy it is. You can also set yourself goals for calorie intake, weight loss and more, so it just depends on what your goals are week in, week out.

You’ll also need to eventually find yourself a trainer to help you get ready for your first competition. This will really help to keep you motivated, but definitely be prepared to work hard. From there, you can start thinking about competing in the sport… and hopefully, before you know it, you’ll be at the Olympics winning gold!

We know just how exhausting it can be to look after young children and try to keep them entertained all the time – we really do!

Not only are you Chief Entertainment Officer but you are also responsible for the emotional terrain too. This is particularly true if you have children or adults with special educational needs as their additional needs often require more of your time and support.

We know you don’t mind this but it doesn’t mean that occasionally you wouldn’t like to try to relax a little bit does it??

We also understand however that not all venues are suitable for all children when special needs may need to be considered – this article highlights just how much needs to be taken into account.

We hope we can help you with this as we have fun trampoline sessions at Shrewsbury trampoline centre, Airea51, which are open to children or adults with special needs, meaning they can come and enjoy having a good bounce and forgetting about the worries of the day.

Who doesn’t need this, right? (We do! In fact you should see how bouncy we get after we’ve closed to work off our day!)

Our SEN sessions are available on Thursdays after school from 4 to 6, where we turn off all the lights and lower the music to help your child enjoy their bounce and environment that little bit more.

There is also a ‘Bounce and Eat’ SEN special where you will be able to combine the play session with food and drink with one carer being included in the SEN child or adults price.

They are getting popular though so make sure you book yourselves in!

If you are ever looking for a team building or corporate event with a difference, why not try out Shrewsbury trampoline centre Airea51?

It definitely isn’t the norm and is quite an interesting way of getting some of the more vocal members of your team to put their money where their mouth is!

It’s no secret that many businesses need their employees to work harder than ever these days, but as we can see here – it’s important that if we are going to work hard we play hard too. So why not give your team a great opportunity to put that into practice?

You can exclusively hire the venue, throughout the week and weekend with various packages, either peak time or off-peak for up to 130 people.

You will have exclusive use of the park, allowing you to really let off that steam that you have all built up at work.

You can attempt the battle team or run the Ninja Warrior course. Maybe you want a team game of dodgeball or obviously, the trampolines alone are hugely popular with plenty of bouncing going on for the big kids amongst you.

There is a boardroom available to hire so you can have meetings to get your work done first prior to your crazy fun. We can also provide food and drink packages to accommodate your team or corporate day too.

If you are ever looking to impress a new client that has asked you how you think outside the box – here’s your opportunity! There’s no box in sight here so you can definitely show them some of your lateral thinking!

See how trampolining is fast becoming the UK’s favourite way to keep fit over on the Guardian website now.