When it comes to children’s parties in Telford and elsewhere, it’s all about striking the perfect balance between ensuring that your kid has the best birthday ever and making sure that you don’t end up completely out of pocket as a result.

It can be hard not to want to go all out, you want to spoil your children on their birthdays, after all – but costs can quickly spiral if you don’t come up with a realistic budget and do all you can to stick to it.

There are ways in which you can keep costs down, however, without having to compromise on having a great time. Keeping the guest list to a minimum is perhaps the best way to ensure that you don’t end up spending too much of your hard-earned cash, so set a limit and make sure your child knows they can only invite a certain number of friends.

Making the food yourself is a good way of keeping costs down and you’ll also minimise the amount of waste you create, which is becoming increasingly important as we realise just how much of an impact human activity is having on the planet.

And as much as you might like to give out goodie bags to all your kid’s friends, this can get expensive and quite wasteful, so perhaps just hand out a slice of birthday cake to each child instead.

You might also like to chat with other parents to see if there are any other children in your kid’s class with a birthday at around the same time. They might be happy to have a joint party, which could help keep costs down as well.

Find out about the fiver birthday trend on the Delish website now.

We know just how much a child’s birthday party can mount up where costs are concerned – especially when you look at children’s tendencies to just invite absolutely anyone to the party because it’s not them footing the bill.

Airea51 to the rescue though! We have a fantastic offer on at the moment where any party booked during August 2019 will get a huge 33% discount so a party for 10 people is only £100. That’s not worth ignoring sniffing at, is it!

Birthday parties take a LOT of organising and the cost of what starts off as a small affair can seriously creep up. This helpful party article shows you just how much you need to plan! (OR – you could just book it in with us, and send out a few invites… just sayin…)

By the time you have included possibly face painters, a bouncy castle, venue hire and a few games to keep them occupied, it’s not unusual for you to kiss goodbye to at least a couple of hundred pounds.

Then you need to look at the entertainment.

My goodness, this part alone is enough to make a tough man crumble!

Children have very short attention spans so it is a bit of an art to keep them all occupied for a couple of hours. Then, provide the food that they’re going to eat too and try to get them all to sit down – it all becomes a bit of a mammoth mission.

Why not let us do all of this for you by organising your party with us?

The selection is fantastic with a choice of Football Parties, Dodgeball Parties, Pamper Parties or Disco Parties. There really isn’t a party here that your child and their friends won’t absolutely love.

All parties include 60 minutes bouncing plus 45 minutes in the party room, a choice of hot or cold food and unlimited soft drinks plus, a dedicated party host. You’ll even get your trampoline socks included.

If you play your cards right you might even get a chance to get a cup of coffee during the party yourself.

TO find out more about our children’s parties in Telford and the surrounding areas, contact us here!