Everyone knows that kids have a lot of energy, and it’s important for them to burn it off
through daily exercise – the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends at least 60
minutes of movement per day for children.

In a world where children are becoming increasingly sedentary thanks to the
proliferation of tablets, smartphones, and video games, it is more important than ever to
make sure your child’s needs are being met.

Keeping active through sport and play has many benefits for children’s physical health
including improved cardiovascular fitness, increased bone density, better sleep, greater
coordination and balance, and a reduced risk of childhood obesity and diabetes.

It also has a significant impact on children’s mental health, helping to improve
emotional resilience and reduce the risk of mental health problems. Participating in
sports can also help to boost self-esteem, particularly among girls.

But did you know that taking part in sporting activities also teaches kids important life

For example, taking part in team sports or group activities can help them build skills
such as cooperation and sharing, leadership, building relationships, setting goals, and
resilience in the face of setbacks.

It is also a great way to introduce them to the elements of a healthy lifestyle, such as
physical fitness, proper nutrition, and the impact that their lifestyle choices have on their

Instilling these values in your children during childhood makes them much more likely
to carry healthy habits forward into adulthood.

Children learn through playing, and one of the biggest challenges for parents nowadays
is finding activities that allow their kids to have fun, whilst providing the benefits
mentioned above.

That’s why at Airea 51, we offer something for everyone – from trampoline fitness
classes and gymnastic floor to astroturf football and dodgeball, and everything in