Trampolining is a lot of fun and if all you want to do is bounce around like Tigger with your friends, you’ll have a great time. But if you start doing a lot of it, you’re sure to want to start learning new techniques and tricks to trot out now and again, and really impress your pals.

It’s essential that you know how to stop safely before you start anything more difficult and the best way to do this is to simply bend your knees as you land back down on the trampoline. If you don’t bend your knees enough, you’ll do a second bounce, so practise until you can stop without a rebound.

Once you know how to stop, you can start bouncing higher. The best way to enjoy a good bounce is to get into a rhythm with the trampoline and you can practise this by starting off with small controlled bounces, with your arms sculling in small circles from your sides out to the front and round in a small circle.

To bounce higher, you’ll need to reach up with your arms and keep your body as straight as you can until you reach the top of your bounce. Bring your arms down to your side on your way back down, keeping your upper body and your head as still as you can.

Keep your toes pointed at all times except when you land – and aim to land on the trampoline with your feet flat, keeping them like this until the bed of the trampoline starts to rise again.

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