We all know kids love bouncing on trampolines – after all, it’s so much fun! But did you know it’s also great for their health?

According to the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE), jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes is just as effective as running, but is gentler on the body and much more fun!

Trampolining was found to be a moderate-to vigorous workout which improves cardiovascular fitness at the same rate as running or cycling, yet feels like light-to-moderate exercise.

This means your kids can improve their fitness without even realising it!

Kids’ trampoline fitness classes are gaining popularity thanks to the many benefits of bouncing, as well as being a fun and different way to get fit and meet new friends. Read on to discover the advantages.

Like all cardiovascular exercise, jumping is great for heart health. Your kids will be enjoying themselves so much they won’t even realise they’re taking care of their hearts at the same time!

Increased heart rate means increased circulation, providing a fresh supply of oxygen to their bodies which helps to repair cells and boosts their energy levels.

Trampolining is a fantastic mood-booster for your kids since it releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and serotonin, which support their mental and emotional wellbeing.

If they’ve had a bad day, they’ll soon forget all about it after a few minutes on the trampoline!

Bouncing is also great for improving coordination and motor skills, since kids must respond to a constantly shifting centre of gravity, which requires coordination and balance. It can also boost the confidence of kids who are not naturally well coordinated.

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