We should perhaps begin this blog with a note reminding you not to try these at home or at Shrewsbury trampoline park Airea 51, but it’s always exciting to see what people can achieve when it comes to the fine art of trampolining… so here are just some of the Guinness World Records that people have set by bouncing and having fun!


The most consecutive somersaults

The record was set by Brian Hudson back in September 2003, who achieved 3,333 consecutive somersaults… which is certainly a lot, wouldn’t you agree?


The most consecutive unicycle backflips

In 2003 again, apparently a popular year for trampolining, Cameron Fraser from Canada succeeded in doing two consecutive backflips on a trampoline while on a unicycle. Impressive!


Most seat drops in one minute

This might be one you could challenge yourself to – the record for the most seat drops on a trampoline in a minute, which came in at 49. This was set by Oleksandr Nakonechny in 2010, but remember that he is a professional trampoline artist so you may be out of your depth if you try to beat his record!


Most tuck jumps in one minute

Maayan Patito from Israel managed to complete 63 tuck jumps on a trampoline in just 60 seconds, a feat she achieved last year, apparently because she wanted to set herself a personal goal.

Those are just some of the records that have been achieved over the years so have a closer look around the Guinness World Records site to find out more.